Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sung Korean Bistro - Cincinnati, OH

Sung Korean Bistro is a sexy little asian joint in downtown Cincinnati. The vibe is sleek and modern, and so is the menu. Sung brings it spicy with soup, appetizer, entree and dessert options for omnis, vegetarians and vegans alike, but the real reason to spend an evening at Sung is the Sake.

I rolled in a few weeks ago looking like the mack daddy with a beautiful girl on each arm - my wife, Michelle and Cincy's Queen Bee, Misty P. Misty knows the manager at Sung, plus she's kind of a big deal, so we got the total rock star treatment. Nothing on the menu is marked "vegan," but there are several ways to modify the entrees here. I played it safe with the Veggie Roll. Some of the vegetarian bowls at Sung come with an egg on top, so be very thorough when explaining your dietary needs to the waitstaff. Michelle and Misty ordered some kind of meat, veggie and rice combination that was served in a piping hot cauldron that looked like it came straight out of a Harry Potter flick.

The veggie rolls were very good (pretty hard to botch a veggie roll), but the true excitement began when the Sake arrived. Check it: Apple Cinnamon Sake. What?! I consider myself adequately knowledgeable when it comes to booze, but this was the first time I'd ever heard of flavored Sake. The manager told us they have many in-house blends including some with floral accents, nutty tones and fruit flavors like pomegranate and cherry. It was Un-Friggin-Believable! Like drinking spiked tea.

For dessert, the manager prepared a special off-the-menu vegan dessert for us: a cup of fresh strawberries and coconut. She also presented us with a sample of their pineapple Sake. Candy, ya'll; straight up liquid candy. It was even better than the Apple Cinnamon - and more dangerous. I could get good on this stuff hella quick. Glad Michelle doesn't drink, 'cuz Misty and I were definitely in no shape to.  

Sung Bistro is a chill, lounge-like joint perfect for a romantic evening, dinner with friends, or a tasty post show meal. It's located right on Elm & 7th streets downtown. The staff was extremely friendly and very accommodating to my vegan requests.

Sung gets full Vegan Man Cave approval. We had a great dinner and I'd fo' sho come back next time I'm in Cincy. Go, enjoy and absolutely GET THE SAKE.

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