Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Two Boots Pizza Design Entry

'Sup, Vegheads? Just a quick post to share with you The Vegan Man Cave's official entry into the Two Boots pizza design challenge. As you may have read, a bunch of us vegan bloggers were asked to create our own Two Boots pizza using only the ingredients on their menu. It's part of a slew of ultra rad promotions Two Boots has in store for World Vegan Day November 1st. The winning pizza design will receive a coveted slot on the Two Boots menu and will be served up FREE of charge to all customers on 11/1.

I toyed with many possible pie combinations. I struggled with the head-scratching cheese/no cheese dilemma. I even considered going gimmicky, like making a peace symbol out of tomatoes on top of the pizza or building a double-decker pie using two layers of crust.  In the end, I opted for full-on flavor and refined elegance. Allow me to introduce... The Vegan Man Cave Pizza:

White crust, drizzled with a garlic & olive oil base. Topped with a layer of Daiya cheese, followed by a blanket of spinach, shiitake mushrooms, red onions and artichokes, finished off with a Jackson Pollock-style splattering of Sweet Red Pepper Pesto. Sounds sick, right?!

Thanks again to everyone who left comments and emailed me their suggestions. I imagine most of the pizzas entered will be similar based on the number of vegan toppings available at Two Boots. Keep your finger and toes crossed that The Vegan Man Cave pie comes out victorious - not for the accolades, but simply because I'm dying to know what it would taste like!

UPDATE: I lost.

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