Monday, November 5, 2012

Pressed Juicery - Studio City, CA

I've been a bad boy; really bad. For the last six weeks I've treated my body like a garbage can. I'm talking about an epic bingefest that's left me puffy, sluggish, grumpy and depressed. No joke, gang, I was tearing through donuts, cupcakes, potato chips, french fries, burritos, pizza and ice cream like the Tazmanian Devil. I hit rock bottom Friday night when I ate an entire large pizza, a pint of ice cream, six enormous cookies and four beers all within an hour. Some dudes might find this gut-stuffing display impressive, I think it's pathetic. I promised myself before I went to bed that I would turn it all around in the morning, and so I did, starting with a visit to Pressed Juicery in Studio City.

The Pressed Juicery is not your typical juice bar. You won't hear the din of industrial strength juicers pulverizing carrots and celery stalks behind the counter, at Pressed your juice is already bottled and waiting to be chugged.  That's because they produce their healthy potions offsite using a hydraulic press rather than a traditional juicer. The hydraulic process squeezes out the essential nutrients from the veggies without destroying their enzymes, so you're swallowing the purest form of green juice you can get. Every bottle is pressed, packaged and delivered to the store daily. Because these juices are not Louis Pasteurized, they're meant to be consumed within 48 hours. 

Pressed offers complete cleanse strategies for all types of folks, from first time juicers to experienced pros. There are packages to fit everyone's taste. The juices are broken down into Greens, Roots, Citrus' and H2Os and you can custom design a cleanse using some or all of these. As I type this, I'm sipping on a bottle of Green 4, which is cucumber, celery, watercress, lemon, ginger and cayenne. It's the second of four green juices I will have today as part of my cleanse. The waters are pretty rad too. There's one with aloe vera, one with coconut and a third with apple-infused chlorophyll. 

The highlight of the Pressed juices isn't even a juice at all, it's the almond milk. Made from almonds, dates, sea salt and vanilla bean, it's like drinking a kickass vanilla milkshake. Whether you're into juicing or not, you should at least hit up Pressed for the regular or chocolate almond milk. 

If there's a downside to juicing at Pressed, it's the hefty price. Individual 16 oz. bottles range from $6.50 for a juice to $8 for the milks, and cleanse packages start at $48 a day for 8 bottles. But, I suppose you pay for convenience, and to be honest, I'm on my final day of the 3-day cleanse and I feel amazing. I've easily dropped a few pounds, my digestive system is back on track and I have a ton of energy. I almost don't want to get back on solid food... almost. 

The staff at the Pressed Juicery in Studio City was very helpful and patient with me as I toiled over a plan. They will be happy to work with you to make your cleanse as easy and palatable as possible. You can find locations in Brentwood, Downtown LA and West Hollywood - and you can also have juices delivered to your home within the LA area. The 3-day cleanse from Pressed Juicery is definitely the reboot my body needed and it has been worth every penny. 

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