Monday, April 1, 2013

Pop Up Pizza - Las Vegas, NV

Ever since Pop Up Pizza popped up inside the Plaza, people have been pouring praise upon this pie. While kickin' it Easter Sunday-style this weekend in Sin City, I hit up Fremont Street to try a few slices for myself - and Holy Saturday, was it good Friday!

The menu at Pop Up features signature pizzas with uniquely Vegas names like The Goodman, (caramelized onions, red potato, spinach and roasted mushrooms), The Newport (Ricotta cheese, artichoke and eggplant) and of course,  The Soho (Vegan cheese, spinach, mushrooms, peppers and artichoke). You can also create your own pie or sample them all by-the-slice. Like a dirty peepshow brunette, The Soho beckoned me from behind the glass display. I could hardly keep from tongue-kissing the counter it looked so sexy.  I ordered me up a menage-a-trois of slices and took this party down to chow town.

First: the crust. Thin, crackery and unbelievably tasty. Straight from the oven, it crunched when I bit into it, but didn't crumble, and held the toppings firmly in place. Pop Up makes both their dough and tomato sauce fresh daily and you can tell by the exceptional quality of the crust.

The toppings were killer as well. Fresh ingredients are clutch when it comes to making a pie, and the artichoke, spinach, mushrooms and peppers on this bad boy tasted like they were plucked from the dirt that morning. The SoHo could have easily been ruined - RUINED! - with the addition of sun-dried tomatoes. I hate sun-dried tomatoes and have seen them added to this same topping combo at other pie joints to my great disgust. Pop Up wisely left them off, and thus, created what I consider to be THE BEST vegan pizza in Las Vegas.

But wait - there's more! Pop Up is even looking out for its vegan homies on the dessert tip too with non-dairy soft serve ice cream! What?!!! After a warm slice of pie, finish yourself off with some cool vanilla, chocolate or choco/vanilla swirl soft serve. Seriously, kids, Pop Up is the perfect afternoon fuel stop, late night nosh pit or hangover recovery room. Open daily from 11:00am 'til 2:00am inside the Plaza Hotel and Casino, you will not be disappointed by this pizza. Always bet on black, always double down on 11 and always hit up Pop Up when you're craving pie in the Dirty V.


  1. I was in Vegas Friday night! I should have checked this place out...

  2. I wasn't impressed with their regular pizza although I do plan to return sometime and give it another try. Can't really see myself trying their Vegan pizza any time soon, but I give props to Pop up for having a Vegan menu. The other pizza place in Vegas that Vegans seem to rave about is Slice of Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Hotel