Friday, June 20, 2014

Men's Grooming Box - Vegan Cuts

Listen up, fellas. Grooming just got easier with help from your friends at Vegan Cuts. Introducing the limited-edition Men’s Grooming Box — a full-on arsenal of manscaping products that’ll have you stylin’ and profilin’ at work, at home or at play. Hand-selected by Joshua Katcher, the dashing dude behind The Discerning Brute, this cruelty-free collection launches a four-pronged attack on your face, scalp, pits and pocket. Take a look at what’s inside.

- Bulldog Skincare Face Wash
- Formulary 55 Mr. Mustachio Shave Oil
- The Fanciful Fox Facial Serum
- Schmidt's Cedarwood & Juniper Deodorant 
- Relucir Shampoo
- Stitch and Locke Wallet 
As someone who washes his face on the reg, I’m very particular about my facial soaps. I want one that doesn’t dry out my skin and delivers a thick lather. Bulldog nails it. Made with green tea and essential oils, this stuff blasts your face with antioxidants to leave it feeling so fresh and so clean.

The Relucir shampoo is… well, it’s shampoo. Much like wine, I can’t tell the difference between a good bottle and a lousy one. I do know that Relucir is cruelty-free and made with botanical extracts and other flowery-sounding stuff. Oh, and it doesn't have a fragrancy smell, which I like. That’s all I really need to know. If you’re a shampoo aficionado, give this one a lather.  

The Fanciful Fox Facial Serum packs a punch of vitamins and minerals to help moisturize and soften your mug. I was hesitant to try it at first, because I don’t like feeling oily, but after a few minutes, the serum absorbed and my face felt smooth and pliable. It comes in a 2oz bottle and a dab or two is all it takes. 
Schmidt’s deodorant doesn’t look like deodorant. It comes in a walnut-sized jar like lip balm and is more of a cream than the chalky white clump you’re used to using. With its non-deodorant vibe, it works like a champ despite only having to swipe a streak across your underarm. Best of all, its aluminum-free, smells like the woods and is oddly fun to apply. I will be purchasing more of this for sure.

Here’s the thing with the Mr. Mustachio Shave Oil, straight up, I rarely shave. I prefer the scruffy look, plus I resemble a Simpsons character when my face is shorn, so I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. However, the next time an occasion, such as a business meeting or a wedding, requires pulling out the razor and going to town, Mr. Mustachio has me well prepared.

You might be wise to this Stitch & Locke wallet if you’re a Kickstarter junkie. It’s constructed of denim and cork and is slim enough to slide in your front pant pocket without bulging. (Insert pants bulge joke here). I’ve been using a similar wallet from Fossil for the last few years, but this one has it beat. The notched-out corner makes removing your plastic super easy and the denim pouch is big enough to hold a few hundy (or a three pack of magnums).  

The Men’s Grooming Box from Vegan Cuts makes an excellent gift for you or one of your bros. Remember, gents, this is a limited-edition box, so get ordering. Look and smell your best. The ladies will love it and you’ll be rolling with that GQ swagger.  


  1. Aw, I just love everything Vegan Cuts does! I wish my non-vegan man was more interested in stuff like that. I'd gift him a box. But he's so low-maintenance, it's ridiculous!